A p p r e n e z   l ' a n g l a i s   a v e c   M a l l a r m é

"Mille phrases d'anglais à apprendre par coeur": 15/100

15. Nom. Pluriel régulier des noms (2e série)

  1. One gift well given recovers many losses.
  2. Lay on more wood, ashes give money.
  3. If wishes were thrushes, beggars would eat birds.
  4. The dog that licks ashes, do not thrust with meal.
  5. She wears the breeches.
  6. One foot is better than two crutches.
  7. With foxes we must play the fox.
  8. To set all at sixes and sevens.
  9. Knit my dog a pair of breeches, and my cat a cod-piece.

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