A p p r e n e z   l ' a n g l a i s   a v e c   M a l l a r m é

"Mille phrases d'anglais à apprendre par coeur": 14/100

14. Noms. Genre, Nombre: pluriel ré gulier des noms

  1. Glasses and lasses are brittle ware.
  2. Covetous men live drudges to die wretches.
  3. Good words and no deeds are rushes and reeds.
  4. Wishes never can fill a sack.
  5. Thistles are salad for asses.
  6. The isle of Wight has no lawyers or foxes.
  7. Crosses are ladders to heaven.
  8. A woman's work and washing of dishes is never at end.
  9. A madman and a fool are no witnesses.
  10. New dishes beget new appetites

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