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"Mille phrases d'anglais à apprendre par coeur": 5/100

5. Article défini

  1. 1. In every country the sun rises in the morning.
  2. 2. Between the hand and the lip the morsel may slip.
  3. 3. The eyes, the ears, the tongue the hands the feet all fast in their way.
  4. 4. The mind is the man.
  5. 5. The tongue is the rudder of our ship.
  6. 6. To build castles in the air
  7. 7. Virtue dwells not in the tongue but in the heart.
  8. 8. The eye is the pearl of the face.
  9. 9. The belly hates a long sermon.
  10. 10 To fill the mouth with empty spoons.

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