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"Mille phrases d'anglais à apprendre par coeur": 4/100

4. Article défini

  1. The cow gives good milk, but kicks over the pail.
  2. That is the old tune upon the bagpipe.
  3. Feather by feather the goose is plucked.
  4. The fox may grow grey, but never good.
  5. The lone sheep is in danger of the wolf.
  6. The sparrow builds in the martin's nest.
  7. The nightingale and the cuckoo sing both in one month.
  8. There is not a companion like the penny.
  9. Where the bee sucks honey, the spider sucks poison.
  10. The Englishman weeps, the Irishman sleeps but the Scotchman goes while he gets it.

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